Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pearl Millet Porridge (Kambhu Koozh)

         Pearl Millet or Kambhu is a oldest cereal grain of TamilNadu. It is high in protein compared to all other cereal grains. Also rich in iron and helps to reduce acidity problems, cardiovascular diseases. It controls blood sugar levels and hence good for diabetic.This healthy food is slowly disappearing from all of our kitchen. I have started making this food 3 or 4 days a week. This takes longer time for cooking  and i'll show you how to pressure cook it fast and easily.


Pearl Millet (Kambhu) - 1 Cup
Small Onions

Method : 

When it comes to Pearl millet, you need to buy good quality grain which is clean and stone removed.

Soak the Pearl Millet (Kambhu) in water for atleast 8 Hrs. Wash it well and drain the water completely.

Add some water & grind it in a mixer as a coarse flour. Dont grind it very smooth.

Pour the grinded flour in a pressure cooker & add enough water. (Twice the quantity of the flour). Switch on the stove.

Keep on stirring it & you'll note the flour turning thick. Reduce the flame.

Once it turns more thick than the previous stage. Close the pressure cooker lid & cook it for 5 min or 2 whistles.

Open the lid once the pressure is released. The Kambhu  is cooked very well. Let it cool down completely.

Once it is cooled, make it into small balls size(Urundai).

Whenever you need to drink take a Kambhu Urundai mash it, add Salt,Chopped Small onions, Yogurt & Water to it.

Enjoy it with pickle or vathals.

ThankYou. See you in next post.

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